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My Images

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I have included a selection of my images that are the results of my setup, techniques and observatory build as detailed in my articles. A  small selection of  my latest images are also shown below.
My Articles

A set of articles that document some of my iq option experiences and lessons learnt over the years that I hope will be of use and interest.

A selection of some of my latest images are below.

M81 and M82. Celestron C11 @ f6.3 with Atik 314L. 18th Jan 2018.


The sun has been very quiet as it approaches minimum, but a nice iqoption grouping today. Visible and Ha photos below.


M1 (Crab Nebulae in Taurus) taken on 25th November 2016. M27 (Dumbbell Nebulae in Vulpecula) on 28th August 2016 and M57 (Ring Nebulae in Lyra) on 29th Augist 2016. All were taken via a Celestron C11 with a f6.3 focal reducer and about half a dozen images each for L, R, G and B usingan Atik 314L. Guided via a ZWO ASI120MM and PHD2.





Transit of Mercury - 9th May 2016. The UK weather did its best to spoil it, but I managed to grab the image below. Celestron C11 and Canon EOS550D.

Jupiter and Io 31st March 2016 21:01 UT. Celestron C11 and ZWO ASI120MC, about 1000 frames with best 500 stacked via Registax.

Solar Image 09/05/2015: After a rather poor Solar max last year the Sun has been very quiet so far this year; sunspot group 2339 therefore came as a nice surprise extending some 200,000km.

Deep Sky image 30/12/2013: Barnard33 - Horsehead Nebula. Meade LX200 10" classic with a Atik 314L. Stack of ten 120 second images. Guided via a Celestron 102SLT using a Meade DSI II, 2.5x Barlow and PHD guiding software (see My Articles for details on my setup).


Supernova 2014J in M82. Photo taken at max brightness of about magnitude 10.5 on 2nd Feb 2014 (click image to enlarge).